GDL had two major projects which both required hydraulic, electrical and communication subsea connections which required to be mated and demated subsea. The customer requirements and standards were stringent and ambitious to the point that there was no existing supplier who could supply a product to match them. Geoprober decided to develop their own solution.

Geoprobers’ client required a subsea mateable connector which weighed no more than 60kg in water and had 17 hydraulic connections to control functions. It was required to be highly configurable for replacing functional components with electrical connectors and communications lines.

GDL has developed an ultra lightweight robust stabplate which has undergone third party verification by DNV. Testing has been completed with flying colours at each stage and has undergone computer simulations at each stage of the design with a major ROV company. It has now been tested in the North Sea with a Workclass ROV performing repeated mates and demates. A major leap forward in subsea connection technology is the innovative design which does not require a heavy torque tool for the mating process. A self contained hydraulic cylinder with a gripper replaces the torque tool and realises the subsequent weight advantage.