ROV Skid

The Control System for the DWS Project is integral to the intelligent wellhead concept. All functions on the wellhead are controlled by the subsea skid components.

A self contained subsea skid was needed to house the intelligent valve packs and hydraulic functions in as small a volume as physically possible, no larger than the ROV footprint. The product had to be neutrally buoyant in water and trimmed to float level. It must interface with a workclass ROV and the Geoprober stabplate.

Geoprober designed from scratch an aluminium frame skid which houses the valve packs, self retracting stabplate umbilical, syntactic foam buoyancy, subsea HPU and hinged stabplate mounting. This product was tested successfully subsea with an Oceaneering Magnum II workclass ROV. Third Party Verification was witnessed by DNV to their New Technology Qualification.