Geo – Gripper


The Gripper assembly is made up of two identical sets of Grippers orientated in opposing directions to ensure that loads can be resisted in both axial directions.

This concept has been proven as a result of a series of tests conducted in the Geo-SOS JIP and other projects undertaken by Geoprober including the Shell Brent Decommissioning Project and Statoil’s Drill-in Wellhead System project.

The Grippers perform three roles:

-The first is as a method of gripping the Geo-DWS system onto a section of 7-5/8” casing for handling of the tool.

-The second is as a wellhead running tool for running the Geo-DWS to the seabed.

-The third is for hanging the drilled-in surface casing from the tool at the end of the casing drilling phase, a role that would ordinarily be performed by casing hangers in the wellhead.