A component was required to make the connection between the baseplate and the control frame for the Shell Cell Survey Project. Geoprober considered various existing suppliers who could supply similar types of connector but it was found that none could meet the full set of requirements.

An internal diameter of 10″ had to be connected and disconnected reliably subsea and seal with a double barrier against the ambient water pressure. Remote activation of the connector to lock it in was required due to the confined working space. The system had to tolerate misalignment when making the connection and have the ability to seal while a series of massive bending and tension forces were applied.

Geoprober designed their own connector which utilises locking dogs activated by hydraulic cylinders. The connector has been tested extensively on a bending and tension rig by a third party and also copes with large axial and off vertical misalignments. There are many potential applications for which this product type could be utilised. Contact Geoprober for further details.