Annular Cutting Tool

The Annular Cutting Tool is a device situated in the upper GEO-DWS housing. Its main function is disconnection from the well. The tool severs the casing pipe with zero swarf emissions and leaves a cut profile with negligible deformation to the inner and outer diameters. This allows for simple re-entry to the well, eliminating the need to mill off a crimped pipe end, as is the case with standard shear rams.

It is positioned above two high pressure seals providing a clean and comprises an internal rotating pipe cutter, with a standard bevel gear arrangement, driven by an external hydraulic motor. The motor is enclosed in an “API” housing to provide the recommended dual barrier specification.

Prototypes of the ACT have been extensively tested to prove that the 7-5/8″ (33lbs/ft) casing can be cut in less than 45 seconds, as is the requirement for emergency disconnection, as dictated by API standards. The fastest cut to date has been completed inĀ 26 seconds; tests are underway to reduce this further.